He had an extraordinary imagination.

Bill Willis (1937-2009) was the leading light of Moroccan-style interior design. He breathed new life into the traditional techniques of North African craftsmen, boldly rewriting the rules of these ancient methods. His life was as captivating as his art. We tracked down Bill’s friends - members of the bohemian high society in Marrakech, London, Paris and New York - to share his story.

Morocco’s Finest Aesthete

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Christine Alaoui
*Pierre Bergé
Allal Chraibi
Madison Cox
Marian McEvoy
Marianne Faithfull
Agnelli Family
*Quito Fiero
*Christopher Gibbs
*Kathy Kriger
Bernard-Henri Lévy
Nicolette Meeres
Biagio Strongi
Freck Vreeland
*Mohammed Zkhiri
Agnelli’s Pagoda
Chraibi House
Dar Noujoum
Dar Saada
Les Jardins Majorelle
Rick’s Cafe Casablanca
Villa Oasis
Yacout Restaurant
Zahia Palace
* In loving memory of Pierre Bergé, Quito Fiero, Christopher Gibbs, Kathy Kriger and Mohammed Zkhiri who have since passed away.